In the first three quarters of 2017, the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization that tracks shootings, reported more than 48,000 gun-related incidents in the U.S., including more than 12,000 deaths and 24,000 injuries. These striking statistics are magnified when news of mass shootings like the recent Las Vegas rampage take place.

Ohio-based ShotStop® Ballistics is fed up with these numbers - and the lives behind the numbers - and is dedicated to doing something about them. ShotStop, a manufacturer of body armor plates for the military, law enforcement, and special forces, has developed a thin, lightweight, ballistic resistant insert for backpacks, laptop bags, tablet cases, luggage and other personal bags.

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The BallisticBoard® civilian ballistic insert is a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIIA compliant insert developed and manufactured in the USA to withstand multiple shot impacts from handgun fire. ShotStop’s BallisticBoard civilian ballistic insert weighs just over one pound and turns an everyday bag into instant ballistic protection.

Other Uses for BallisticBoard®

In addition to the ballistic insert, ShotStop’s BallisticBoard material can also be used to convert almost any surface into ballistic protection. It’s patented Duritium® Technology applies to retail environments, classroom/office doors and walls, desktops, and countertops, as well as automotive/vehicle protection.

“BallisticBoard was developed to save lives,” explains Jason Henkel, Director of Operations at ShotStop Ballistics. “Whether that means protecting a young child from a school intruder or a convenience store owner from a burglar, the focus is all about saving lives.”

The national gun-related incident numbers are definitely overwhelming, and reality says these numbers will not be improving in the near future. “In a world where someone can shoot at hundreds of concert-goers from a hotel window or walk into a mall and start shooting at random, it's time to take action in protecting ourselves and our loved ones,” says Henkel.

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About ShotStop Ballistics, LLC

With its patented technologies, ShotStop Ballistics provides advanced armor solutions that are stronger, lighter, and lower cost. Since 1984, the company’s engineering wing has provided solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses facing product development challenges in their quest to expand their product offerings. The company operates under rigorous manufacturing processes with redundant quality control systems. Random samples of each production lot are submitted for testing to independent and federally accredited ballistic labs including the Department of Defense and National Institute of Justice. Contact ShotStop Ballistics at or call 800-986-0795.