Stow, Ohio - November 2017: When it comes to poly body armor plates, the primary advantage is packing a powerful defense with minimal weight and bulk. ShotStop Ballistics has developed a patented technology that has established a new standard for comfortable, lightweight, multi-hit NIJ III+ protection.

Duritium Ballistic Technology

The secret? ShotStop’s patented Duritium™ technology results in a 30 percent reduction in thickness and weight when compared to the next best poly plate on the market at the same NIJ III+ protection level. In many cases, the Duritium-based plate is up to half as thick as other comparable stand-alone poly plates. This means your officers in the field have the same level of protection with much less bulk and weight for dramatically improved comfort and general mobility.

The strength of Shotstop’s Duritium™ technology also allows the company to offer a 10-year warranty on its armor plates, whereas the industry standard is typically five years. When compared to the inexpensive and heavy ceramic plates on the market, this warranty is essential, as there is no potential of cracking during ownership.

All of this leads to increased comfort, more piece of mind, and higher maneuverability...resulting in the likelihood of higher survivability in active threat situations.

For those looking at lightweight poly rifle plates for their next purchase of armor protection, considering ShotStop’s new ultra-light, ultra-thin, high protection plates is a smart move.

About ShotStop Ballistics, LLC

ShotStop Ballistics, LLC manufactures body armor plates, ballistics protection materials, and other ballistics technologies that are currently certified to National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Levels IIIA, III and IV. All ShotStop products are made in the USA using its patented Duritium™ Technology. To learn more about body armor plates, Duritium™ Technology, or ShotStop Ballistics’ full range of products, contact us here or call 800-986-0795.