Best Backpack Armor For Your Go Bag

Best Backpack Armor For Your Go Bag

We will discuss some of the items we recommend (based on FEMA and personal experience), but one of the overlooked items is personal protection equipment (PPE) in the way of ballistic protection. 

We encourage everyone to consider buying some form of backpack armor, whether it be a ballistic backpack insert or body armor plates to add to a go bag.

Even with our bias towards our products, the evidence we provide proves we have the best body armor for every family emergency kit.

Backpack Armor Insert

There are a lot of ballistic protection companies that claim to sell “bullet-proof backpacks.” However, as many of our readers know, there is no such thing as bullet-proof. There are – and will always be – bullets that can defeat armor.

When purchasing a backpack body armor for ballistic protection ask the manufacturer to provide a copy of the independently tested laboratory report. 

If a company refuses to provide lab results that show the validity of its claims, consider this a red flag. ShotStop always provides NIJ-Listed independent laboratory results for all products.

Why Should I Choose  BallisticBoard® IIIA Backpack Insert?

BallisticBoard® IIIA is the thinnest, lightest, and most durable bulletproof backpack insert on the planet. 

Weighing only 1.2 lbs per board, it’s capable of stopping multiple strikes from a 10mm pistol! 

bulletproof backpack insert

For those who don’t live in the wilderness, a 10mm pistol is what many in the Northern Rockies carry while hiking to defend against Grizzly Bears.

The BallisticBoard® IIA comes in 2 sizes, 10” x 12” and 11”x14”. If you’re not impressed yet, the only other thing we can tell you is that our Duritium® BallisticBoard® IIIA is only 0.26” thick. 

Who Should Use BallisticBoard Backpack Inserts?

We recommend BallisticBoard backpack inserts be placed in each one of your bug-out backpacks because it takes up less space than most clipboards. It will also stop any handgun bullet, and comes with an industry-leading 15-year warranty. 

But what about stopping rifle rounds?

BallisticBoard III RA, made with Duritium® technology, is an ultra-light, ultra-thin ballistic material that is developed and manufactured in the USA to withstand multiple shot impacts from a high-powered rifle. 

The 10” x 16” x 0.7” (tapers to 8" wide at the top) BallisticBoard III RA rigid insert weighs just 4 lbs. and is perfect for placing in a backpack, computer bag, luggage, or purse to turn it into instant ballistic protection.

bulletproof backpack insert

Ballistic tested by accredited laboratories to exceed national industry standards, BallisticBoard is your answer to safety, security, and the confidence that you or your loved one is protected.

Are Bullet Proof Backpacks Illegal?

Body armor carried in bulletproof vests and plate carriers are legal to own and wear in all 50 states. This also applies to other ballistic protection such as backpack armor inserts.

Are Bulletproof Backpacks Effective?

While backpack armor might sound like a necessary layer and added peace of mind in an unpredictable world, it seems that most of the bulletproof backpacks currently on the market wouldn’t actually protect against the firearm used in most mass shooting situations; The AR-15. 

The majority of backpack armor inserts are rated for level 3a which stops most handgun rounds, but not rounds fired from an AR-15. 

That's why ShotStop created the Ballistic Board III RA. This insert is rated to stop rounds fired from an AR-15 and AK-47. 

What To Pack in a Go Bag

Having the best go bag is only the first step. You need to know what to pack. Here are basic items to consider when packing your go bag.

  • Commo/Communications
  • Cables and charger for cell phone
  • Cash
  • Extra batteries (for flashlight and headlamp)
  • Headlamp – Black Diamond SPOT
  • Snacks (I chose suckers because they have a long shelf life and are easy to lick and suck on while on the move. Believe it or not, something as simple as a sucker can be a morale booster)
  • Medical (trauma and first aid and Motrin)
  • Multi-tool
  • Water and a way to purify it
  • Small roll of Gorilla Duct Tape
  • Small survival kit (fire-starting, 550 cord, compass, space blanket)
  • Extra pair of socks. (In the Marine Corps our Corpsman always told us to change our socks, drink water, and take two Motrin). You can go a long way with these essential items.
  • Level IIIA soft armor backpack insert
  • Spare Mags and Ammo if you’re carrying

How Can ShotStop Help?

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose ShotStop over other body armor companies when it comes to purchasing the best backpack armor. 

  1. First, our level 3a BallisticBoard bulletproof backpack inserts come with a 5-year warranty! Our new rifle-rated level III 10x16 rigid backpack insert comes with a 15-year warranty.
  2. Second, our Duritium® armor is ballistic tested in accredited labs and every single test we have done exceeds national standards. Don’t take our word for it, we’d be glad to send any customer a copy of our independent lab results. 
  3. Third, we are certified through Smithers to ISO 9001:2015 standards. This international standard shows that we are in compliance with all best practices in manufacturing, customer satisfaction, and employee safety.

With the right gear and backpack armor loaded in your go bag, you can be ready for what comes your way.

Remember to evaluate your go-bag contents each season to stay prepared for relevant threats and natural disasters.

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