Best Body Armor For Home Defense

Best Body Armor For Home Defense

Body armor is commonly used by Police, military personnel, or security guards. However, civilians can also legally buy and wear body armor. 

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the best body armor for home defense.

The right body armor can effectively protect you against knife attacks and bullets fired by a bad-intended criminal invading your home.

Is Body Armor Good For Home Defense?

Over the last decade, property crime in the US has been trending down, but that doesn’t mean that there is any less need for securing and defending your home and property. 

Fact: according to the latest statistics from the FBI, a burglary happens every 22.6 seconds in the U.S. and around 88% of burglaries happen in homes.

With 88% of burglaries happening in homes and a new wave of political violence on the rise, you can no longer assume that people committing these crimes are only there to steal your television. 

This is why so many Americans have been buying guns and other gear to secure their homes. In 2020, over 5 million Americans made first-time firearm purchases.

One of the most underrated parts of a home defense plan is body armor. 

A few years ago, if someone had asked me if they needed body armor for home defense, I would have errored on the side of no.

But with political riots, active shooters, and civil unrest erupting around the country, needing body armor for home defense doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

One of the most important factors people consider when buying body armor for home defense is comfort. That comes in the form of being lightweight.

Lightweight Body Armor

One reason our body armor here at ShotStop® is so lightweight is the Duritium® technology we use. It’s also thin.

But, don’t let that confuse you; it’s stronger than ceramic and can take more rounds before being deemed ineffective because of our proprietary and computer-navigated layering angles of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

You’ll be able to use your home defense weapons more effectively, move throughout the house, move your arms, and do pretty much anything more efficiently than heavy bulky body armor allows for.

Duritium® Level III+PA Body Armor Plate

When it comes to wearing the lightest stand-alone Level 3 body armor, there is nothing even close to the Duritium® Level III+PA plate

The Level III+PA plate is on an entirely new level that simply can’t be reached with AR500 steel, regardless of the production method.

Imagine wearing both a front and back plate that is 0.7” thick and 5.4 lbs in total weight.

Duritium® Level III+PS plate

The Duritium® Level III+PS plate is our most affordable stand-alone NIJ-Listed Level 3 body armor plate. It provides the same level of protection as the PA plate, but it’s not as light and it’s 2/10” thicker. 

Regardless, the Duritium® Level III+PS plate is still significantly lighter than any of our competitors. Each plate only weighs 3.2 lbs for the 10x12” SAPI or Shooter’s Cut design. 

All that weight savings doesn’t come at the cost of ballistic protection. Here’s the proof. In the following video, ShotStop’s Duritium III+PS plate absorbs a full magazine of 55-grain .223 rounds.

In order to be able to carry hard plates, you will need a plate carrier. There are a variety of plate carriers available on the market. We suggest taking a look at the following blog to select the best one for you.

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When building a home defense plan, it is good to stack as many advantages in your favor as possible. Body armor is one of those advantages.

Likewise, body armor improves your ability to defend your family and your property. 

Keeping everything in mind, we suggest that level III+ body armor is the best for home defense.

Additionally, ShotStop offers a 15-year warranty on all of our Level III+ plates.

This warranty is 2-3 times longer than any of our competitors, giving you more confidence in the longevity of our armor.

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