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Custom Armor | ShotStop Ballistics

BallisticBoard® is made of our patented Duritium® technology, specifically designed to be lightweight and durable. You can order our BallisticBoard® in panels as thin as 1/8" if you're wanting the capability of stopping common handgun ammo like 9mm, .38 Special, and .357. However, suppose you're worried about the possibility of dealing with rifle rounds including 7.62 and 5.56 standard ball (AK-47 and AR-15 or .308 fire). In that case, you can buy the 0.6” thick BallisticBoard®, weighing only 3.1 lbs. per square foot.


What Can I Use 1/8” BallisticBoard® For?

The 1/8" BallisticBoard® can stop common handgun threats with multiple hits in the same area. Some of the most common applications for our 1/8" BallisticBoard® are retail, fashion, construction, utilities, and transportation. However, this doesn't mean you're limited to these applications. Our BallisticBoard® can be completely customized to fit any customer’s needs. We enjoy the challenges of finding solutions for the creation of custom armor for applications that other companies would say "no" to. 



The unfortunate truth about society is that certain jobs are more likely to be victims of violent crime and robberies. According to the F.B.I., in 2018, there were 12,978 violent crimes against convenience stores in our country. That doesn't count the 6,427 gas stations, and over 8,000 restaurants attacked in 2018. The majority of all crimes within retail fields are committed with weapons that can be defeated with our BallisticBoard®.

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With more than 36,480 (10%) of all violent crimes being committed against retail stores, it's imperative that you protect yourself and your employees. According to the F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reporting (U.C.R.) Program, our 1/8" BallisticBoard® would have protected against more than 95% of all violent crimes committed in retail stores. Retailers should go with the 0.6" BallisticBoard® to protect their employees against all handguns and the vast majority of common rifle fire.



Nothing says fashion like ballistic armor, right? Ok, maybe not, but our BallisticBoard® can be cut and fitted to almost any specification you can think of. To protect as many people as we can, we have found ways to incorporate our Duritium® technology into everything from backpacks, purses, computer bags, to clothing. Any retail company, such as Patagonia, Columbia, NorthFace, Nike, Reebok, and Nordstrom can outfit their products with our BallisticBoard®. 

*If you’re interested in learning more about bulletproof backpacks, read our Blog “Bulletproof Backpacks | Guide To ShotStop Armor”.



Installing BallisticBoard® into drywall for internal and external walls or roofs is something we can help with. Depending on the purpose for wanting ballistic protection, you can choose to stop either all handgun ammo or armor-piercing rifle ammo. The best part about custom protection is the fact that the customer decides what they want and need. If you're a construction company looking for ways to bulletproof walls (safe rooms or safe walls as examples), look no further than ShotStop®. 



Someone shooting through utility piping might not be as common as robberies, but it does happen in many urban areas. BallisticBoard® could be the difference between replacing some fabric and drywall and condemning a building. We believe it's best not to leave anything to chance, especially when you can protect public infrastructure at such an affordable price. 

As obscure as bulletproof utility piping sounds, we can accommodate any size piping with our flexible BallisticBoard®. Many customers ask for help in protecting the inside of shipping containers, powerlines, utility pipes, and even communication towers.


What Can I Use 1/2” BallisticBoard® For?

Our 0.6” thick BallisticBoard® is similar to Level/Type III body armor with its ability to stop the most common long-barreled high-powered rifles. Our 0.6" BallisticBoard® only weighs 3.1 lbs. per square foot and can be used to protect anything you can possibly think of. For example, most of our customers using this protection level are looking to protect law enforcement vehicles, military vehicles, safe rooms, safe walls, banks, data storage facilities, airports, schools, courtrooms, and public buildings

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According to the Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) Program, 31 police officers have been feloniously killed so far in 2020. With the increase in civil unrest in our country, police officer deaths have increased by 14.8% from this time last year. Our 0.6" BallisticBoard® is rated to stop 7.62 and 5.56 standard ball bullets to help reduce the number of LEO’s killed in the line of duty. Law Enforcement organizations looking to enhance the safety of their officers should give us a call and ask about our first responder discount



It's no secret that our military is still fighting across the globe from Northern America to the Middle East. Military vehicles, buildings, and equipment need to be protected from automatic rifle fire with armor-piercing bullets. There is no other company that can compete with the weight-saving BallisticBoard® of ShotStop® at any given threat level.

With the number of accidents and ricochets on military gun ranges, our BallisticBoard® could be used as stand-alone panels to offer protection to range officers. These panels can be customized in any size and built to protect against everything below a .50 Cal bullet. 

Suppose you're fortunate enough to upgrade from a tent to a Chu (tiny Conex) in your deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. In that case, you know you're living the high life. I remember the first time I was able to sleep in an air-conditioned unit, I slept like a baby. However, Chu's are so thin that a 9mm could penetrate them like a knife through butter. BallisticBoard® can be used as an affordable way to outfit every Chu with protection against the common AK-47 fire we face each day. It would have been nice to have that peace of mind during my deployment. 



As the world seems to become more dangerous and divided, the desire for safe rooms has gone up tremendously. Once you hire a contractor or engineer to build your safe room, have them call us (800-986-0795) for all of your ballistic needs. We can completely outfit your residential safe room with BallisticBoard®. Regardless of room size, ShotStop® can customize to your specific needs and purpose. 

According to the F.B.I., 49% of all violent crimes in the U.S. occur in a home of residence. As crazy as this sounds, you're more likely to be assaulted or killed in your own home than any other place. With our BallisticBoard®, you can cut the probability down by having your walls and doors reinforced. There is nothing more precious than life, especially the lives of your family. Ensure no one can shoot you through your walls or doors by installing BallisticBoard®. 



According to the Center For Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS), there have been 1,337 school shootings since 1970. It's not only essential to outfit our children with backpacks and other solutions, but also the infrastructure in our schools. Since the majority of all school shootings are done with handguns, fitting your school with 0.6” BallisticBoard® will ensure your children have the best chance at survival. We can outfit everything from bookshelves, doors, desks, and walls, to clipboards. 

At ShotStop® we’re looking to sell directly to contracting companies, retail manufacturers, and engineers. At this time, we’re unable to sell BallisticBoard® reinforced products to individual consumers. However, if you’re a part of a retail company that produces backpacks, bookshelves, or desks, we’d love to speak with you. 



There are many commercial applications that you can use BallisticBoard® in, such as banks, airports, and data storage facilities. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there have been over 3,000 bank robberies in 2018 alone. 

Our BallisticBoard® will serve as a protective shield against any robber coming in with a gun or knife. You can install our stand-alone panels at the bank counter and clerk desk to ensure your employees’ safety. 

 Our BallisticBoard® also works great for protecting data storage facilities. With the ever-growing technological advancements, there are more data storage facilities being built every year. Companies are starting to understand that they need not only virus-protection from malware but also physical protection from ballistic threats and other potential dangers. Our BallisticBoard® can be flexible and strong enough to secure any size data storage facility your business owns. 



If places like Seattle, Atlanta, and Portland are any kind of example, protecting government buildings is more important now than ever. With the growing number of riots and destruction of public property, protecting government workers is becoming more necessary. We offer government deals to federal and state organizations.



Many courtrooms across our country have built-in ballistic desks and pews for the judges and witness stands. However, none are made of a more secure and advanced technology than our Duritium® composite. Our BallisticBoard® is made of Duritium®, offering protection against almost any weapon.  

*If you’re interested in learning about Duritium®, read our blog, “ShotStop | Buyer’s Guide To Ballistic Armor”. 



Whether you're a new company trying to ensure your employees' protection or a well-established organization looking to upgrade, ShotStop has you covered. We are known for producing the most effective, lightest, and thinnest body armor in the world. However, we also use the same Duritium® technology to produce custom BallisticBoard® for any need you can think of. 

We have customers all over the country that have secured their schools, libraries, courtrooms, banks, convenience stores, and gas stations. We offer special deals for law enforcement, security, first responders, and government organizations to help ease the cost of larger orders. If you're interested in learning more about our BallisticBoard®, please give us a call at 800-986-0795

*As much as we’d like to sell to individual customers, ShotStop’s custom solutions are specifically meant for mass production. We DO NOT sell custom ballistic solutions to individual consumers.

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