Duritium GT Body Armor Plate from ShotStop®

Duritium GT Body Armor Plate from ShotStop®

I’d like to now talk to you about our Duritium® Green Tip rifle plate. This one is a special rifle plate, a special threat rifle plate. We’ve gotten a lot of requests, especially in law enforcement arena, for protection against multi-hit potential green tip threats out there.

This plate is unique in many ways. First of all, it’s very thin, as you can see. It’s just over a half inch thick, the weight is very competitive in the marketplace for this protection level. It’s about 4.8 pounds for a shooter cut, 10 x 12.

It’s also unique in its multi-hit capabilities for green tip threats. Most plates on the market have strike faces that are very fragile, they’re ceramic-based strike faces and we all know what happens with ceramics if you accidentally nick it with a tire iron or have an active threat chase and have to climb under a fence or over a fence, and you’ve got some weight on the face, bad things can happen. With ours, we’re not worried about it. We have done a lot, and I do mean a lot, of very abusive testing before shooting it with green tip threats. It also goes far beyond green tip threat. We’ve had it tested for M855A1 rounds, we’ve had it tested for TSX “brown tip” rounds, all multi-hit, and it does very well with multi-hit, as in more than six rounds, for this one thin, very lightweight plate.

The last thing I’d like to tell you about this green tip plate is something that is truly unique in the industry and that is a 15-year warranty on this amazing product. Most green tip plates you’re going to see at 5-year warranty. We haven’t seen any more than that, but due to our patented and protected Duritium® strike face and polyethylene backing, we are able to do a 15-year warranty on this product.

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