Duritium III+PS Body Armor Plate from ShotStop®

Duritium III+PS Body Armor Plate from ShotStop®

Let’s go ahead and take a look at our PS plate. It’s our Duritium PS plate. This is a polyethylene, full polyethylene plate. It is made from our Duritium polyethylene.

We call this our workhorse plate. It is a polyethylene plate that is ultralightweight. It’s around 3 pounds, under 1-inch thick, and it stops the most common rounds out there. Your AR-15, your AK-47 fire, basically your 5.56, 2.23, all the way up through 7.62 x 51 multi hit. There are a lot of videos out there showing on YouTube and on our website, this being shot far more than the six-round tests that certain compliance tests do require.

The unique thing about this is how light it is at the price point that it is. We do encourage you to find a dealer and talk about that, but for those looking for the very advanced polyethylene plate that is affordable, this is definitely going to be your option. It is buoyancy positive and it does have a standard 15-year warranty. So, it’s unique in the market for many reasons. I strongly encourage you to take a look at this, if you are looking for the most advanced body armor on the market.

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