ShotStop® Ballistics Founder Helping to Set Standards for Homeland Security through ASTM International

ShotStop® Ballistics Founder Helping to Set Standards for Homeland Security through ASTM International

December 2017 – Stow, Ohio: Made up of 30,000 members worldwide, ASTM International is an organization that “impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life.” Its members from more than 150 countries are responsible for creating and updating standards across all areas of the marketplace, including industry, government, academia, trade groups, consumers, and others.


ASTM International members participate in about 150 committees and more than 2,000 subcommittees, meeting face-to-face and virtually, to develop standards; the organization then publishes those standards shortly thereafter.

Vall Iliev, founder of ShotStop® Ballistics, LLC, was recently asked to participate in several of these subcommittees. Recognized in the industry as a ballistics subject matter expert, Vall has been involved with ballistic material development and other engineering innovations since 1984. His experience in the area of ballistic protection and standards development enabled Iliev to gain the trust of ASTM International.

Iliev currently serves on four subcommittees within the Committee on Homeland Security Applications:

  • Borders, Ports, and Transportation Systems

  • Advancing and Harnessing Science and Technology

  • Preparing for and Responding to National Emergencies

  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure

Meeting regularly with these subcommittees is a time-intensive effort, but it’s an effort that Mr. Iliev takes great pride in. “I’m pleased to be a part of this prestigious organization and excited to work with an amazing group of men and women to develop effective standards for the industry,” said Iliev.

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U.S.-based ShotStop Ballistics is developing the lightest, thinnest, and strongest advanced armor technologies in the world. From body armor plates and armored vehicle protection to its innovative BallisticBoard® material and custom armor solutions, ShotStop Ballistics is leading the way in improving the protection of our police, military, special forces, S.W.A.T., security personnel, and more. With technical expertise that spans the last 35+ years, the ShotStop team brings together engineers, Ph.D.’s, chemists, product developers, and ballistic specialists to create ballistic technology that saves lives, reduces restriction, and maximizes performance. ShotStop consistently uses independent and federally accredited ballistic labs, including the Department of Defense and National Institute of Justice, to ensure ShotStop armor positions our servicemen and women with the best possible protection. Contact ShotStop Ballistics at or call 800-986-0795.

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