ShotStop® Ballistics Unveils Industry-lightest Level III ICW Body Armor Plate

ShotStop® Ballistics Unveils Industry-lightest Level III ICW Body Armor Plate

For Immediate Release
November 11, 2019


Cleveland, Ohio—November 11, 2019—ShotStop® Ballistics (SSB), the creator of Duritium®-based ballistics raw materials and custom-engineered solutions, announces the launch of the market’s lightest-weight National Institute of Justice (NIJ)-compliant Level III in-conjunction-with (ICW) body armor plate, designed to provide life-saving Level III rifle protection that’s more dynamic, comfortable and affordable.

The 7 inch by 9 inch “speed plate” version of SSB’s new Duritium® III ICW body armor plate measures 0.6 inches thick and weighs 19 ounces — equating to up to 45 percent thinner and up to 200 percent lighter than other plates on the global market at the same ICW protection level, says company leadership.

“We’re passionate about our work because men and women are putting their lives on the line every day to protect us,” says Skip Gavorski, SSB business development. “Times are changing; most police officers and other law enforcement today are faced with heavier firepower, and they’re not always equipped for that. We’ve developed technology to give them the durability and mobility they need to feel confident that they can be safe and effective in the field.”

Designed for use in conjunction with Level IIIA soft body armor, the multi-hit, multi-curve polyethylene Duritium® III ICW plate makes the NIJ Consumer Product List (CPL) and comes guaranteed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty, Gavorski says. Its advantages stem from the use of Duritium®, a unique portfolio of molecularly complex formulas and methods of vulcanization developed by SSB Founder and President Vall Iliev.


“We’re a sole-source provider, making our patented Duritium® technology right here in Ohio,” Gavorski says. “Designed to more effectively disperse the kinetic energy of a bullet, Duritium® has enabled us to cut down the weight and thickness of our ballistic solutions while extending the warranties well above industry average.”

SSB has begun demoing the Duritium® III ICW body armor plate nationwide. For more information, call Skip Gavorski at 330-686-0020

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