ShotStop ballistic inserts offer high quality protection without breaking the bank

ShotStop ballistic inserts offer high quality protection without breaking the bank

By Alex Hollings,, June 6, 2019


In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to be discussing ballistic protection that you can slip into your backpack, but being prepared means taking the world as it is, not as we’d prefer it to be. In this era of active shooters and mass casualty events, more and more of us are looking for some level of ballistic protection we can carry with us, without constantly feeling like a Marine back on post. Sure, a plate carrier or flak jacket may be appropriate in some environments, but what about during class, in the boardroom, or at the airport? That’s when you need ballistic protection that won’t draw attention to you, won’t weigh you down, and is convenient enough that you don’t mind carrying it every day just in case something bad were to happen.


ShotStop’s line of BallisticBoard inserts offer a variety of options depending on the level of threat you anticipate, the bag you intend to carry the insert in, and of course, your budget. My favorite product is the BallisticBoard Clipboard — a non-threatening looking clipboard you can use while you do your job that doubles as a ballistic plate you can tuck into the front of your shirt to keep you from getting riddled with holes as you make a break for the exit (or the shooter) if Red Dawn were to unfold in your workplace.

Their IIIA Backpack insert is thin and light enough to stow in your backpack and completely forget about… that is, until you need it. Rated to stop handgun caliber attacks, this lightweight insert is perfect for students and frequent travelers that could use that extra piece of mind while they go about their day. Of course, if the sort of threat you’re worried about is of the high-powered rifle variety, the BallisticBoard rigid insert is just the thing for you. This insert is thicker (at .95 of an inch) and heavier than the soft insert, so you’ll know when you’re carrying it. It’ll also stop a 7.62 round, so if you find yourself needing it, you’ll sure be glad you sprung for the extra cost (and weight).

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