The World's Most Advanced Body Armor for Military

The World's Most Advanced Body Armor for Military

For the men and women who serve on our front lines, the right body armor is the essential life-saving technology for soldier protection against lethal ballistics and dangerous combat scenarios. But it’s been more than thirty years since any disruptive technologies in ballistics protection have been brought to market. Until now.

Introducing ShotStop’s life-saving ballistic technologies.

ShotStop’s advanced body armor Level III & IV and MIL-SPEC plates are leading the pack in weight to protection ratio. With our stand-alone, multi-hit, lightweight armor plates made with our patented Duritium® technology. In fact, other plates can weigh up to three times as much as ShotStop’s poly plates made with Duritium®. Less weight means less physical fatigue, which leads to less mental fatigue, which equals more positive effect on decision making in intense and stressful scenarios.

ShotStop’s plates not only meet, but exceed established standard ballistic guidelines. ShotStop’s Duritium® technology uses less material, while maintaining the same or stronger threat level protection, which means more comfort and equal or better survivability. Thinner and lighter plates means less bulk, which leads to increase mobility and speed in combat scenarios. Lighter plates keep you active and safe, and reduce weight displacement injuries, so common to those who serve over extended periods of time.

Utilizing ShotStop’s patented material technologies, designs, and processes, our plates are more durable than ceramic, safer than steel and offer a warranty, two to three times the industry standard.

Warranted performance is not the only thing practical about choosing ShotStop®, we make your investment practical, too. Even when compared to ceramic, our Duritium-based plates, still compete on price. So, when it comes to your mission and increasing war fighter survival, choose the lightest, thinnest, and strongest advanced armor technologies in the world.  

Advanced body armor, made with Duritium®, from ShotStop®.

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