Top 3 Body Armor Plates for Police Officers

Top 3 Body Armor Plates for Police Officers

Not all body armor is created equal and not all armor is meant for all missions. We have a responsibility to our police officers to explain which armor will work best for them and which armor will not work as well.

We have 3 specific body armor plates that are NIJ-Listed at Level III that will work perfectly in law enforcement.

1. Duritium® III+PS Plate

The Duritium® III+PS plate is our most affordable body armor plate in our store. The most common size for a ballistic plate for a grown adult is 10x12” for a chest plate.

Level III Body Armor

However, what if you could get away with an 8x10” plate and save yourself money and weight? 

The Duritium® III+PS plate will stop every caliber rifle that has been credited with killing a police officer.

According to the LEOKA, most rifle assaults are from AK-47, AR-15 style rifles. All of our Level III plates will stop any AR or AK rifle with multi-hit capability and zero penetration. 

Which Bullets Will the Durititum® III+PS Plate Stop?

  • 5.56x45mm 55 grain ball (M193)
  • 7.62x39mm PS ball (MSC)
  • 7.62x51mm 149 grain M80 FMJ
  • 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .44 Magnum (Any other handgun)

Why Buy the 8x10” Duritium® III+PS Plate?

The 8x10” body armor can be purchased for well under $300 per plate and weighs only 2.2 lbs with less than an inch in thickness.

For a standalone Level III plate, there is nothing on the planet that comes close to our Duritium® III+PS plate. 

For an officer to choose the smaller plate over the standard 10x12”, it normally means they’re looking for something as compact as possible.

This Level III SAPI plate is going to give you the coverage you must have and still maintain mobility. 

What About International Police? 

Since we sell our body armor to many nations across the globe, we made sure that we not only meet the standards set by our own government (NIJ), but also our NATO allies.

The Duritium® III+PS plate is certified by the German VPAM Level 6 standards and the NATO STANAG 2920 Level B4

How Much is a Duritium® III+PS 8x10” plate?

We get this question often and we completely understand the desire to save money, especially in these rough times.

For well under $300, you’ll have the lightest, thinnest, and most comfortable ballistic protection available. 

Frankly, we believe our community protectors deserve the best protection. There is no other armor that provides more certainty than our Duritium® plates.

Most stand-alone Level III plates are going to cost on average $100-$200 from our competitors. 

Our Duritium® armor is going to give you 15 years of coverage because of our industry leading warranty. Look at any other company online and you’ll find a warranty of only 5 years. 

Meaning you’ll most likely have to buy other armor at least twice, but maybe 3 times before you ever have to replace our Duritium® armor.

2. Duritium® III+PA Plate

Our Duritium® III+PA plate is the lightest and thinnest Level III body armor ever produced.

Level IV Body Armor

If an officer is skeptical about wearing Level III body armor in the field, it’s mainly from past experience with heavy steel or uncomfortable ceramic. 

We recommend trying out our Duritium® III+PA plate in 8x10 because it’s only 1.9 lbs per plate and still under 1” thick.

It really is hard to believe that a plate designed to stop multiple hits from an AR-15, AK-47, or any handgun can be only 1.9 lbs per plate. 

Why Should I Buy the Duritium® III+PA plate?

If you’re looking between the Duritium® III+PA plate and the Duritium® III+PS plate, there are a couple of questions to ask yourself.

First, what’s more important, overall weight or overall price?

Secondly, are you a beat cop that has to be on your feet all day or do you spend most time in your vehicle or office?

We can’t answer those questions for you, but if you’d like to ensure you’re wearing the lightest stand-alone armor ever made, you should go with the Duritium® III+PA plate.

This plate provides the lowest profile of any stand-alone Level III or Level IV plate on the market and will ensure you still have energy at the end of your shift if you need to move fast. 

Are NATO Troops Protected With the Duritium® III+PA plate?

Yes! We support our allies in the exact same way we support our own troops and police officers.

Even though it costs more money to go through the testing, ShotStop® believes in providing the best peace of mind, along with the best performance.

We also never make claims without backing them up, so here is the NATO STANAG Ballistic Report for the Duritium® III+PA plate

3. Duritium® III ICW

When you consider whether or not to wear hard armor inserts, most of the time it comes down to weight. However, as far as we know, every police officer has to wear at least a Level IIIA soft armor insert on duty. 

Our Duritium® III ICW armor is the most convenient and comfortable hard plate insert you could ever ask for.

For example, if police are required to wear soft armor inserts, but would like an option for hard plates, nothing works better than our ICW plate.

The way I’d wear it is keep it in my trunk with my AR and quickly lace it in if I ever feel like I need it. 

The best thing about our Duritium® III ICW armor is the 8x10 plate is only 1.7 lbs for the SAPI plate.

ShotStop Level III Armor

I would be willing to bet that once you wear soft armor and add our ICW plate, you won’t even notice you’re wearing extra armor. 

The SAPI plate still gives you the cut corners to ensure you have full mobility and cross-arm movement.

I say this with no hyperbole; our Duritium® III ICW armor is so light and thin that you won’t even notice you’re wearing extra armor after the first month of wearing it. 

Is Duritium® III ICW Armor a Stand-Alone Plate?

To keep things as simple as possible, In-Conjunction With (ICW) armor means that it meets the standards set by the NIJ if the plate is worn with a soft armor insert with at least a Level II NIJ listing. 

ShotStop Level III Armor plate

A stand-alone plate doesn’t need soft armor or any other backing to ensure you get the NIJ-Listed protection level. 

Why Should I Buy the Duritium® III ICW Plate?

Duritium® III ICW armor is perfect for officers who want Level III protection against rifle-caliber bullets, but don’t want the weight that often comes with it. An 8x10” SAPI plate is so light that it doesn’t take any time to adjust to.

Adding 1 lb of weight to your upper body is nothing when you consider the potential benefit of saving your life. The convenience of being able to take your hard armor plate out when you want to is another positive that no other armor plate can give you. 

Why Choose ShotStop®?

We understand very well that there are dozens of companies that provide quality body armor. We also know that our Duritium® technology isn’t the cheapest on the market. There are many reasons why you should choose ShotStop®, but there are 3 reasons in particular that no other company can offer you.

Armor layout with Duritium Level III armor plate

  1. Our 15 year warranty on all Level III plates is the longest and most beneficial warranty on the planet. Many competitors will tell you that they just can’t offer 15 years on any product. We can because the amount of effort and technology we put into each product ensures everything we sell will last well over a decade.
  2. There is no other combination of lightweight and low-profile armor than Duritium® plates. For example, our ICW plate is only 0.6” thick and 1.7 lbs per plate.Now, add the fact that it offers Level III protection and you get the best body armor plate for every law enforcement officer on the planet. 
  3. As an individual, some officers still can’t afford our armor and that defeats the purpose of our mission. We pride ourselves on our motto “We Protect the Protectors”. With that motto in mind, we offer incredible discounts to law enforcement organizations and first responder organizations. Buying for multiple officers will save departments a lot of money and make the best body armor money can buy more affordable. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Shotstop® or you’d like to get a quote for your organization, contact us at

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