What is Duritium® Technology?

What is Duritium® Technology?


Hi, I’m Jason Henkel with ShotStop® Ballistics and we are here today to talk a little bit about our new technology called Duritium® technology.  ShotStop is the Registered Trademark holder and patent pending holder of Duritium technology.

Basically, what Duritium® is, it’s a next generation polyethylene that has an unusually high tensile strength. This tensile strength lends itself very well to ballistics and body armor projectile, basically kinetic energy disbursement. With that, we have decided to enter the market of body armor, vehicle armor, and building material uparmorment, for safe rooms, for schools, for banks, for public areas.

A lot of uses for the Duritium® technology, but today we’d kind of like to talk a little bit about our body armor line. The reason for this, at the end of the day, is that we want to save the lives of those who are serving to protect ours in the public; who are protecting our children, who are protecting our freedoms, our liberties. The entrance of Duritium® technology is going to certainly enable that in the world.

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