Body Armor You Can Depend On

If you are going into a situation where you need body armor, then you need to know for sure that you can depend on that armor. This is one scenario where wearing something unproven could be fatal. At ShotStop, we are fortunate enough to have access to the best testing facilities and the best materials, so we can focus on making armor that is suitable for the job at hand.

Armor Works Only When Worn

In the field of law enforcement, it is not uncommon to provide NIJ Level IIA or IIIA armor to agents. However, the law enforcement officers themselves are often unaware of exactly what their armor will protect them against, and therefore whether they are properly protected for the scenario they are walking into.  In close protection and military scenarios, even when people have the best training and the best of intentions it’s not uncommon for those “in the field” to get complacent and not wear their armor.

Let’s face it, armor is bulky, heavy and often uncomfortable. If it’s been a while since a person was in an active shooter situation then they may find themselves looking for reasons not to wear their full kit. Even when they do wear it, if they aren’t fully familiar with the specifications, then they may not have the confidence required to approach a potentially dangerous situation appropriately.


There are a few things that are tested before armor is put on the market. Stopping power is one thing, but the back-face deformation rating is also a vital metric to understand. This rating describes how much the rear of the armor deforms after a projectile hits it, and therefore how much energy is transferred to the wearer. If there’s a significant amount of back-face deformation, then an impact could still be lethal. For this reason it’s important to understand exactly what the specs of your armor are.

High Performance Rifle Plates

Body armor plates made using the latest Duritium technology are lighter and more durable than older designs. These body armor plates are also thinner, and much more comfortable to wear. The reduced weight and bulk means that personnel wearing them can move more easily, and are less likely to suffer fatigue.

Duritium body armor plates offer a reduction in weight of up to 200 percent, and a reduction in thickness of as much as 45 percent. There are numerous designs that offer different protection levels, with stopping powers ranging from 5.56x 45mm 62 grain ball, up to 7.62 x 53mm APM2. The plates that we offer are all multi-hit capable, and some are buoyant, making them ideal for even the most challenging of combat and survival situations.

In addition to armor plates, many people will wear a trauma pad underneath the plate, to absorb some additional impact from any deformation. We offer plates that have two to three times the useful life expectancy, and superior stopping power too, meaning that your officers and agents can depend on them in difficult situations.