Why Choose Duritium Body Armor?

Duritium Body Armor

Designed to provide strength and protection without sacrificing motion or capability, Duritium body armor and rifle plates are a viable alternative to more substantial, old-fashioned armor created from steels, ceramics or even polyethylene. For the use in day to day combat and security situations, there's no better material.

Why Choose Duritium Body Armor?

Whereas rifle plates created from other materials still retain the weight and bulkiness of earlier models, choosing to use Duritium for law enforcement, military purposes or security protection reduces those concerns. Sleek, slim and still incredibly effective, these body armor pieces are designed to provide the protection equal or above other forms of armor, with less of the costs to motion and movement.

For many in the field, especially where combat or gunfire is concerned, it is as essential to have the ability to move swiftly and organically as it is to have that protection in the first place. With many forms of body armor hindering that movement, it's often a trade-off of which is more valuable in a life-threatening situation. With Duritium, this isn't the case. Up to 200% lighter than other models, and with a 45% reduction in thickness, any movement is far more accessible.

The Benefits of Duritium Body Armor

A good range of movement and ability to sprint, climb or even vault over objects can be a crucial part of day-to-day actions and training for any police or military personnel. Wearing cumbersome or heavy rifle plates can hinder this movement and reduce the effectiveness of each person. While it is, of course, preferable to preserve life than to move quickly, having the best of both worlds is invaluable. The durability of the Duritium plates is designed to withstand even the most high-impact actions, ensuring that your people are protected at all times.

Choosing Duritium body armor provides that security and movement, while also being as effective as models created from other materials. Not only does this increase the flexibility of units or staff, but it also allows for better temperature regulation in hotter climates, making this armor perfect for combat overseas. A slimmer design ensures that different gear can be worn above or below the rifle plates, making it more versatile for a variety of different situations, and even for covert operations.

The increased comfort that Duritium rifle plates provide, as a result of their slimmer fit and reduced weight, is also hugely beneficial to those wearing the armor for extended amounts of time. Reducing the strain on the body and offering increased focus and motivation thanks to a form-fitting design that protects the most significant area possible in each plate.

The durability of each piece of Duritium body armor is also enhanced, and the inclusion of a warranty makes the continual use of these plates viable for practically any purpose. Reliable, efficient and easy to use, these plates are as flexible as they are functional.

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