You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your Officers’ Safety to Meet Your Budget.

With our Body Armor Lease Program, you get the best of both worlds: The greatest protection and comfort at an affordable monthly payment.

Whether your department is flush with cash or you’re pinching pennies at every opportunity, we know budget is always a factor in the decision-making process for any major purchase. That’s why we offer our exclusive Body Armor Lease Program.

Sample body armor payment plan

The last thing you want is to sacrifice the safety of your officers just because of budget.

Cost /Budget:

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How It Works

Three easy steps to getting the best body armor available at an affordable monthly rate.

  1. Fill out a straightforward, one-page online application.
  2. Receive an answer within hours.
  3. Once approved, funding is secured within one business day should you proceed.

It’s that simple!

Call 800-986-0795 (International 1-330-686-0200), email, or fill out this form to get a monthly payment amount for your body armor purchase right now.