Level 3 Body Armor

Designed to protect against anything from a basic pistol to the powerful and ubiquitous AK-47 rounds, level 3 body armor is amongst the best out there for standard use in combat and law enforcement situations, for everything but extremely powerful or armor-piercing rounds. Developed to withstand in a variety of different situations and scenarios, both in our own country and overseas, there's no doubt that level 3 body armor provides the support and protection needed to get the job done every time.

Why Choose Level 3 Body Armor?

For day-to-day use, the idea of full protective rifle plates might seem like an overly cautious and even cumbersome addition to uniform or gear. With older designs and brands of this armor, that may be the case, but when it comes to offering protection while maintaining the autonomy and flexibility of no armor at all, then modern Duritium® armor might be your best choice.

Though it may be tempting to opt for a lower level of armor where there may be situations with less risk, choosing level 3 armor covers you for practically every eventuality. With modern design aspects making rifle plates up to 200% lighter and 45% thinner, it's no longer a difficulty to carry that level of protection everywhere your people go. It's always better to be safe rather than sorry, and level 3 armor can provide you with that piece of mind without sacrificing the ability and movement of those wearing it.

The Benefits of Level 3 Body Armor

When deciding on the best armor to match a certain situation, it can be tempting to opt for either range of motion or level of protection. When considering overseas combat or exercises, the bulk of traditional high-protection body armor may turn buyers away from the idea of such heavy materials that can be stifling in a tropical or otherwise hot setting. With Duritium based level 3 rifle plates, this factor is removed from the decision process.

Designed to provide the strength of more tradition ceramic or steel plates while providing a lighter feel and better fit than previous models of body armor, Duritium® offers optimum security for those on the front line or experiencing gunfire first hand without causing slower speeds or reduced movement. The slim fit of these plates allows use with a variety of different gear and clothing, making it suitable for practically any location or usage.

Not only does this make use in combat a natural choice, it also makes wearability for long periods of time far more comfortable, allowing those wearing the armor to maintain focus and reduce the pain and ache caused from wearing heavy gear for extended periods of time. Beneficial both for long-term wear and short-term action, the durability of Duritium® rifle plates ensures they can provide protection for prolonged periods of time, and remain reliable in practically any form of usage.

For the full range of Duritium® rifle plates and body armor available with full level 3 coverage, visit our Rifle Plate page to discover more.