Lightweight Body Armor

When it comes to body armor or rifle plates that offer optimum protection without sacrificing freedom of motion, a lightweight style combines the best of both worlds. Designed for durability, effectiveness and performance, by choosing advanced body armor with a lower weight and thinner fit, there's more you can achieve than with traditional, bulky methods of defence.

Why Choose Lightweight Body Armor?

By opting for rifle plates that have a reduced weight and less thickness, you gain the advantage of movement and freedom that is otherwise compromised by the use of body armor. In many day-to-day military and police situations, body armor is an essential part of the job. But so is being able to maneuvre and have peak agility in a variety of different scenarios.

Duritium® based body armor offers the flexibility and speed needed for an active enforcer role while providing enhanced protection at up to 200% less weight, and 45% less thickness. Not only does this make body armor a more practical everyday solution, but it also drastically improves comfort and wearability for long shifts or tours, where focus and mobility are key.

It's no secret that police officers, military personnel and other security and defence-based roles have an increased chance of being involved in situations where good ballistics and bulletproof armor is critical. To provide the best possible service, and stand the best possible chance of overcoming difficult odds, lightweight body armor in the form of rifle plates can give you the edge you need.

The Benefits of Lightweight Body Armor

There are many benefits of choosing lightweight body armor for police, military or security use. The first thing to consider when selecting the best possible armor for your staff or troops is just how much protection they will need, and an understanding of the action they are likely to face in their day-to-day roles. These benefits include:

- An increased range of motion as a result of reduced thickness
- Reduction of weight placed upon the body when standing
- Improved flexibility for clothing and outerwear for all condition
- More practical durability for everyday use
- Increased comfort for hotter environments

Rifle plates are designed to bear the brunt of gunfire, and to protect the wearer against the impact or injury these weapons can cause to the human body. As such, if a role may involve any form of exposure to gunfire, then body armor is a must, in order to provide the best possible defence and assurance in otherwise stressful situations.

For many roles that require body armor, wearing heavy gear and uncomfortable protective clothing can be a part of the job. However, over time heavy and cumbersome armor or rifle plates can result in a reduced ability to perform swift or motion-heavy actions with ease; and can even cause harm or back problems to the wearer.

In contrast, choosing lightweight body armor can mitigate the aches and reduced movement that can result in constant wearing of heavy gear, leaving the person free to move and work without risk of injury. This freedom of movement can not only allow those wearing the armor to perform their jobs to a higher standard but offer them superior defence overall by combining strength with flexibility.

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