Our History

“Over the years, we have and will continue to innovate and provide novel

solutions to protect and save lives for our customers.”

–Vall Iliev, Founder and President, ShotStop Ballistics, LLC

ShotStop Ballistics Company Timeline


Vall Iliev, PhD, PE is promoted to work directly for the Ferriot brothers, Joseph, Eugene and Glenn, learning the intricacy of the free market society for successful project and business management.


Mr. Iliev developed unique epoxy compounds to produce castings of microscopic detail and dimension, yet with the hardness of finely tooled steel. He and a select team of engineers and designers provided novel materials development and product design, prototyping solutions to initial clients like Rubbermaid.


Mr. Iliev and Engineering team are providing industrial designs, engineering and shop floor engineering drawings for successful project MFG management to clients like Gojo and P&G.


Mr. Iliev & team developed novel technology solutions for over molding polymers over metal for medical devices and consumer products to clients like Cleveland Clinic and 3M.


Redesigned gear assembly attachments for rough terrain cranes to rapidly deploy on and off rail for cost-effective rail road’s maintenance and reduced the time required from 15 minute to about 3 to 5 minutes for on and off rail deployments.


Designed, engineered and collaborated with Honeywell technology executives to develop a bullet-resistant, foldable shield for FBI field agents.


Developed novel rubber compounds used to level gravel during a railroad’s maintenance. Designed and manufactured safe room ballistics sheets to Wynn Resorts’ compounds.


First patent issued for the Duritium® portfolio of patented and proprietary technologies. Duritium® is the technology that allows a reduction of the weights and costs of ballistic products by 30-50%.


To present. ShotStop continues to innovate, design and manufacture cost-effective ballistics solutions to the global markets.