Vall Iliev, PhD, PE

Founder & President

Since 1984, Vall has offered experience in developing innovative solutions from cradle to grave, including various global advanced armor projects. His roles at ShotStop® include guiding the overall strategy and vision, driving the Company’s engineering, research and product development, as well as managing the manufacturing process. Vall is also the Founder of Vallmar, which provides lead and support product development and engineering consulting for custom product lines and technical programs for Fortune 500 corporate clients and small businesses.

Roland VanSkiver

Managing Director

Mr. VanSkiver has over 20 years of Senior Management & Strategic Consulting experience. Prior to joining the Senior Leadership Team at ShotStop, Mr. VanSkiver served as a Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development for two industry leading brands. In addition to his extensive corporate leadership experience, Mr. VanSkiver is a former United States Marine and Narcotic Detective.

Pepa Iliev

Accounts Receivable (AR) And Accounts Payable (AP) Manager

Pepa brings ShotStop® and its customers a range of skills from operations to project management and customer relations. She has three years’ experience as manager of an electrical contracting business and has directed operations at Vallmar since 1995. Pepa is known for her excellent customer service, skilled project support, and a deep knowledge of the product development process.

Michael Monds

Lead Engineer

Mike brings many years of engineering experience to ShotStop. Mike attended Columbus Technical Institute and the Ohio State University. His experience includes general manufacturing and plastic injection and blow molds. Mike is a Certified SolidWorks Professional and has worked closely with Vallmar Engineering to develop the ShotStop product line.

Skip Gavorski

Business Development

Skip provides an extensive background of networking, business development and management. His specialty is creating customized solutions to enable opportunities and partnerships in the business with focus on new and existing dealers, investors, and clients in the US and Canada. He has been with two Fortune 500 companies in many roles from sales to sales management. He is a serial entrepreneur who brings the TEAM mindset that creates a “partnership” mentality to build long lasting business relationships.

Martin Iliev

Operations Manager

Martin is responsible n various daily operations at ShotStop, including the development of products, testing of materials, final production of product, managing and shipping of inventory, material security, as well as aiding in many core business decisions.

Brian Willse

Creative & Marketing Director

Brian is responsible for the ShotStop visual brand direction and leadership. He guides all visual touchpoints including the logo identity, website and sales collateral materials to marketing communication initiatives support. Brian brings more that 25 years experience in creative brand design and conceptual thinking to the team.

Ken Illingsworth

Warehouse Specialist

Ken is responsible for running and optimizing warehouse operations such as packing and shipping product, checking stocks, inspecting goods, and finding solutions for various warehouse issues, maintaining inventories, and analyzing feedback from customers.