New access levels to allow better understanding of military requirements related to body armor and ballistic protection for troops.

Stow, Ohio, USA, March 28, 2018 -- ShotStop® Ballistics, LLC, developer of a lighter, thinner, and stronger advanced armor technology was recently awarded military critical data certification providing access to essential information in order to be able to participate in defense contracts thus maximizing the ballistic protection needs of our troops.

Based outside of Akron, Ohio - the center of polymer research and technology development on a global scale - ShotStop’s location ensures access to both top minds in the industry as well as the resources to continue to develop its patented Duritium® technology. ShotStop’s team of leading polymer experts work in highly stringent laboratory environments to develop proprietary technologies that manipulate polymer molecules, resulting in its patented processes.

ShotStop’s roots go all the way back to 1984 when its engineering team began developing innovative solutions for clients ranging from the military to consumer injection molding companies to structural architects. Over the last eight years, ShotStop has focused on developing its patented processes and materials with the intention of shaking up the ballistics industry, which hasn’t seen highly-disruptive innovations in more than 30 years.

What is Duritium®?

Duritium® is a combination of process and material, which includes a computer navigated layering of polyethylene sheets with several patented (and patent pending) variables that allow ShotStop’s body armor to be thinner, lighter, and more durable than anything else on the market in same technology class. Utilizing Duritium technology often results in a 25 to 30 percent reduction in thickness and weight, compared to the next best solution on the market at the same protection level. In many cases, for example, rifle plates made with Duritium technology are roughly half as thick as other comparable stand-alone plates. This means personnel in the field can have the same protection level with much less bulk and weight, dramatically improving comfort, mobility and mission success.

Lighter, Thinner, Stronger Body Armor

ShotStop focuses its development efforts on not only meeting industry standards but also exceeding them. Before introducing any body armor product to the market, ShotStop's ballistics engineering team tests each plate through independent and accredited ballistic laboratories to successfully achieve the standards set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). It then goes beyond the basic standards and tests to “failure,” ensuring the product is capable of exceeding those standards as well. 

The company is currently developing more life-saving products that will push the boundaries of what is expected from body armor plates -- thinner, lighter, and stronger than anything else in the world.

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About ShotStop Ballistics

U.S.-based ShotStop Ballistics is developing the lightest, thinnest, and strongest advanced armor technologies in the world. From body armor plates and armored vehicle protection, to its innovative BallisticBoard® material and custom armor solutions, ShotStop Ballistics is leading the way in improving the protection of our police, military, special forces, S.W.A.T., security personnel, and more. With technical expertise that spans more than 35 years, the ShotStop team brings together engineers, Ph.D.’s, chemists, product developers, and ballistic specialists, to create ballistic technology that saves lives, reduces physical encumbrance, and maximizes performance. ShotStop consistently uses independent and federally accredited ballistic labs, including the Department of Defense and National Institute of Justice, to ensure ShotStop armor provides our servicemen and women with the best possible protection. Contact ShotStop Ballistics at, call 800-986-0795/1-330-686-0020, email, or write to 1000 Campus Dr., Suite 300, Stow, Ohio 44224.