ShotStop Body Armor Line Up 2019

Speaker:  Jason Henkel

Hi, everybody. My name is Jason Henkel. I’m Director of Sales and Operations for ShotStop® Ballistics here in Stow, Ohio. I wanted to have the opportunity today to tell you a little bit about our Duritium® rifle plate lineup, go through the different models that we have and how each one fits with the needs of the law enforcement officer and war fighter out there, who is our target audience. 

Let’s go ahead and take a look at our PS plate. It’s our Duritium PS plate. This is a polyethylene, full polyethylene plate. It is made from our Duritium polyethylene.

We call this our workhorse plate. It is a polyethylene plate that is ultralightweight. It’s around 3 pounds, under 1-inch thick, and it stops the most common rounds out there. Your AR-15, your AK-47 fire, basically your 5.56, 2.23, all the way up through 7.62 x 51 multi hit. There are a lot of videos out there showing on YouTube and on our website, this being shot far more than the six-round tests that certain compliance tests do require.

The unique thing about this is how light it is at the price point that it is. We do encourage you to find a dealer and talk about that, but for those looking for the very advanced polyethylene plate that is affordable, this is definitely going to be your option. It is buoyancy positive and it does have a standard 15-year warranty. So, it’s unique in the market for many reasons. I strongly encourage you to take a look at this, if you are looking for the most advanced body armor on the market.

Let’s take a look at our PA plate. That’s our Duritium PA plate. Again, this is another 100% polyethylene plate. It’s made from our own Duritium polyethylene, ultramolecular weight, high-density polyethylene.

This one is what we call our Ferrari plate. This is the world’s thinnest and lightest level 3 plate currently listed. With that, we’re coming in at about .7 inches thick. It weighs under 3 pounds and it does have very strong multi-hit capabilities. You will find videos on YouTube. Various agencies have done tests and posted that for us. We also have our own videos on the website as well as Chesapeake Lab, a third-party ballistics tests that you can take a look at results.

But basically, this one is the one for the agency or the law enforcement officer or war fighter who is looking for the fastest plate. It is very thin, it is very light, and very strong in protection level.

If you’re looking for maximum technology utilization in your body armor for maximized mobility and survivability out there in your active threat situations, please take a look at this plate. The Duritium PA plate, it also comes with a 15-year warranty, which is unique in the market.

Please take a look at the PA plate if you are considered advanced body armor for you or your teams.

Let’s take a look now at our GT plate. That is our Duritium GT rifle plate insert. It is a standalone rifle plate and it is made as a hybrid. We have our proprietary strike face built in to this plate that also includes our Duritium polyethylene directly behind that proprietary strike face.

Now, this plate is very unique in the market because of how thin and lightweight it is. It’s coming in at a 1/2-inch thick. It does have a 10-year warranty, which is unique in the market for the threat level protection that this was designed for. It is designed to stop the green tip round, which is the SS109 or M855 round. We’ve also done a lot of testing within a 55A1 brown tip TSX and other threats as well. This is a very strong plate, multi-hit.

The primary audience for this is going to be your first responder, your war fighter who wants a pretty optimized threat-level protection, but still wants that mobility by not having extra bulk on the front and the back and its carriers.

We strongly encourage you to take a look at this, if green tip is your threat protection requirement.

Our highest level protection plate right now is our HS plate. It’s the Duritium HS plate. Again, it’s made of a hybrid where it does have a strike face, a proprietary formula strike face embedded along with our Duritium polyethylene directly behind the strike face as a single unit.

Here’s what we’re talking about. Here’s what it looks like. It’s about a 1-inch thick plate. It’s just over 5-1/2 pounds for a multi-hit, level 4 plate. If you are seeking protection against tungsten-carbide-tip rounds, whether it be the Dragonuv or any of the military grade black tip rounds, this is going to be the plate you’re going to want to look at. Very lightweight for that kind of stoppage power. Very thin for that kind of stoppage power and multi-hit. That’s the unique attribute. When you look around, you’ll see all the requirements out there for level 4 plates or certain mill specs are for single-hit. You’ll see online, if you do a Google search for this, you’ll see how many hits this can take. I’ll let you do the research on that.

The unique thing about this one, beyond the multi-hit capability and the lightweight, is that does also have a 10-year warranty, and that’s pretty rare at this threat-level protection.

We strongly encourage you and your agencies, if you’re taking a look at either green tip or black tip or any AP protection, the ShotStop Duritium HS plate certainly should be in your consideration.

Thank you for joining us on that little tour through our current model lineup and the rifle plates that we offer. I think that what you saw there is probably that we do offer what your agency is looking for, whether it’s a budget-conscious, high-speed plate that you might need that has multi-hit capability, or if you’re looking for the thinnest, fastest, and budget isn’t so much in the concern, or depending on threat-level protection you’re looking for.

We’ve worked very hard to design the world’s most advanced body armor utilizing our Duritium technology and we are excited for the opportunity to help protect you as you are in your community serving.