Saving Lives With Duritium Body Armor

The technology used for body armor has seen drastic improvements over the previous decades. It still remains one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for police officers and military personnel. In the last thirty years, more than 3,000 police officers have had their lives safety because of the efficiency of their armor. That being said, not all armor plates are created equal.


There are several different types and styles of armor used today. There are also several different materials that can be used. Which material and which style is used is dependent on the needs of the person using the armor. For example, police officers often use a covert form of body armor that can be worn beneath the clothes. Military personnel; however, often wear larger rifle plates that are designed to protect against powerful rifles and handguns.

It's often the material itself that plays the biggest role in determining how effective a particular rifle plate is. The most commonly used materials include steel, poly, and ceramic. Each of these can have its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

The Rise Of Duritium

In recent years, ShotStop began using a type of poly technology that they patented as Duritium. Their goal was to create a series of rifle plates that were light, thinner, and more durable than anything else on the market at the time. For the most part, they succeeded with flying colors. Duritiium can be 200 percent lighter and 45 percent thinner than most other armor plates with the same stopping power.

The advantages of having such a light form of body armor are obvious in many cases. For example, police officers can now chase a criminal for longer periods of time without carrying as much weight. Meanwhile, they are still enjoying the same high level of protection as before. They may even opt for increased protection and it would still weigh less than their previous armor.

Advantages are fairly similar for military personnel as well. Energy can be conserved, thus making the soldier more efficient on the battlefield. This is without putting themselves or the lives of their fellow soldiers at risk.

A Line Of Exceptional Products

ShotStop has released a line of several armor plates that utilize the Duritium technology. Choosing the right plate is a simple matter of finding one that offers the ideal level of coverage and protection. Their high-end model, the Duritium IV+HS weighs only 5.5 pounds and offers NIJ level IV protection. It has a thickness of 0.9 inches with a single curve.

As with all of their models, it has passed a series of special threat tests. This particular model passed tests involving t.62x63mm APM2, a 5.56 x 45mm, 62-grain steel core round NATO M855, and of course the classic 7.62x39mm PS ball. For situations where less protection is required, they offer additional models, such as the Duritium III_PA, which provides NIJ level III protection and the Duritium III+HS, which is their most lightweight model that still provides NIJ level III protection.