After my first 4 week deployment running your plates, I can confidently say, you guys make, hands down, the best swimmer operator plates in the market.
— AJ Peterson, DoD Contractor/Navy

ShotStop is going to save so many lives because the warfighter will actually wear issued body armor that is this light all the time.
— Ret. Brig. General Robinson, NGAUS President
We were amazed to witness the durability...after having shot them with such powerful ammunition at close range.
— Sheriff AJ Louderback, Jackson County (TX) Sheriff's Office
I have found the ShotStop product to be an exceptional option in body armor. In short, the stopping ability, weight, and size options are AMAZING! I believe that every officer, as well as every law enforcement executive, should know about the ShotStop product.
— Sheriff Steve Levorchick, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office

Stopping two AP rounds would be impressive. The fact that this plate stopped six rounds from 15 feet is unheard of.
— Special Deputy Larry Moore, Wood County Sheriff's Office
I continue to be amazed at the abilities of ShotStop’s products to create a safer environment for the men and women who serve in positions that require protection.
— Lt. Mike Titus, Stow Police Department, Stow, Ohio

What really got me excited was that three of the six AP rounds I shot at the plate were in very close proximity to each other and it still stopped all of them.
— Matt Schaefer, Owner, Tactical Defense Training

The first time I wore the ShotStop plates for a full shift, I noticed at the 4 hour point that I had forgotten I was wearing rifle plates!
— Dustin Mowery, Police Officer/Tactical Trainer
I have been wearing the plate now for over a month. I do not even feel it there. It is very light and comfortable. The strength of the plate is unmatched by anything that I have ever seen.
— Deputy Josh Dawson, Richland County Sheriff’s Office
You tell me something is lighter and will save my life, I’ll wear it. If it weighs more, and I don’t know if I’ll make my mission...I’m not gonna wear it. My mission is more important than me living at that time. Because my mission is to save more lives.
— Mark DePhillips, Retired Marine Special Forces Sniper Trainer, Retired SWAT Officer, Fire Fighter/EMS
2.7 pound Level III plates are unheard of. When you put a full kit together that not only is lightweight enough that the guys will wear them, but also has the stopping power ShotStop has is inconceivable. I’m very impressed!
— Sheriff Steve Levorchick, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office