The Need

Since 1965, with the invention of Kevlar by US-based scientist, Stephanie Kwolek, the global ballistics protection market has seen little innovation to meet the ever-increasing market needs. 

As geo-political uncertainty, crime and terrorism continue to trend upward at alarming rates, the market demand for more dynamic, more affordable, lighter weight ballistics protection raw materials and solutions are heavily intensifying on a global scale.

The three primary questions relating to the purchase of ballistics protection solutions, regardless of public or private sector needs are:

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. How much does it weigh?
  3. How versatile/dynamic to the specific need is it?

Current market technologies including aramids, ceramics and metals are in many cases too expensive, too heavy or incapable of being engineered to properly fit the true requirements of real world applications. 

ShotStop Ballistics, LLC patent protected technologies and processes are finally introducing the disruptive technological advancements that have been demanded by the ballistics protection market for the past 30+ years.

Add comfort to the mix, and it makes our differentiation even stronger. Our Duritium® Technology allows for curves, flexibility and dynamic application in design, which in turn results in a much more comfortable fit for body armor, in particular. 

Our purpose is to save as many lives as possible.  Our strong company and unmatched ballistics protection technologies are making this a reality.